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Ebudin Community Elders' Council meeting Venue called "Oko-ughele"

 Most communal decisions are usually taken at this venue by the Elders of Ebudin Community. They meet here to carry out such activities as:

1. Installation of Odionweles

2. Official acceptance of burial rites for qualified burial ceremonies

3. Installation of qualified indigenes that are carrying out their "Iruen Ceremony". This entitles them to join the Elders' Council.

4. Reception of dignitaries visiting the town

The 'Oko-Ughele" is in fact the administrative headquarters of Ebudin Community.


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  • Guest (AllenGenao)

    The Oko-ughele is looking like the old house and have small place. The activities that posted in this http://essaychest.com/ are very interesting to take such decision in this venue. The government should take initiative to remodel this venue. Because it is looking like to be old as other building and also distracted easily when any disaster happens.


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