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Pa. Ojeaga Omoguafoh was one of the renowned elders that have ruled Ebudin. He was notably a very peaceful person who strive to ensure the sustenance of the peaceful reign of Pa. Patrick Oboh.

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Pa. Erewele Omoinogbe ascended the throne of the Odionwele of Ebudin few months after the death of his immediate predecessor Pa. Isikhuemen. He also hailed from Ididigba quarter in Ebudin.


His reign was characterized by great political unrest which saw the rather peaceful community of Ebudin turned into two main political factions- the Action Group (AG) and the NCNC (National Congress of Nigeria and Cameroon), the two main Nigeria political parties at that time. Members of the same family quarreled and fought amongst themselves to the extent that some families, especially those of the seeming weaker party (the Action Group) had to migrate from the Ebudin community to neighbouring towns and villages. Peoples’ homes were destroyed and in some cases house-hold items were either stolen or destroyed. It was a very primitive and most uncivilized way of playing politics. Pa. Erewele’s infamous comment, when he was approached to intervene in the political logjam between the Action Group and the National Congress of Nigeria and Cameroon was that “the two groups are mates and should be allowed to slog it out in the political war”. This statement did not go down well with the citizenry. It was expected that he could have called the parties and advised them on the best way to play politics in Ebudin to avoid rancor. Instead, he allowed the political feud to continue to escalate to the detriment of the generality of Ebudin Community. 


It must be mentioned here that one Pa. Ehizuenlen Erete, who was the second-in-command to Pa. Erewele Omoinogbe and the then Odin-Igene, during his reign, had to summon the entire Ebudin people together at the village square, where the community discussed the political feud and after due discussion, Pa. Erete directed that a ‘sheep should to be dragged all around the entire Ebudin town alive to cleanse away the wickedness that characterized the reign of Pa. Erewele as a result of the political crisis. This was to cleanse evil acts done by some of the politicians and vanguards away from the entire Ebudin land. 


Pa. Erewele Omoinogbe was not only a good farmer but was also a blacksmith (an Ojogun) who also ensured that the culture of the people of Ebudin, as enthroned by his predecessors was sustained.

He died in 1968


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ODIONWELE PA. ISIKHUEMEN (1964 (three months)

After the death of Odionwele Okhuakhua in 1964, the throne of Odionwele of Ebudin was conferred on Pa. Isikhuemen who hailed from Ididigba quarters of Ebudin.

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Pa. Okhuakhua ascended the throne of Odionwele of Ebudin in 1959 after the demise of Pa. Ize. Pa. Okhuakhua was a great farmer and a hunter. He was very popular amongst his people and had immense love for the welfare of the Ebudin people.

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Welcome to Ebudin (Idimu-Oboh)!

Thank you for finding time to visit our website which we believe will give you better insights into the people of this great Esan Community.

Ebudin is the ancestral home-town of the Children of a great warrior- Pa. Oboh the Great, who was said to have migrated from “Ora”, in Owan West Local Government Council of the present Edo Sate and other people who were said to have later migrated to join Pa. Oboh and his family from some other distant communities in Edo state and all around the black Africans.

Not much can be said here of the family background of Pa. Oboh the Great, who founded Ebudin. However, oral tradition has it, and as it is well-known by the people of Ebudin, that Pa. Oboh the Great had three sons to whom he named three of the now seven quarters in Ebudin after their names and gave them authority to administer and maintain peace, law and order within the community. The names of the children are Ogbe (the first son), Igun (the second son) and Oghale (the third son) and the youngest.

All the children and their off-springs were very enterprising and were quick at meeting up with most things that define a man. They were good farmers, Palm-Wine tappers and also good in crafts. It was therefore not difficult for them to be noticed and their industrious nature soon spread to all the neighbouring communities. These endeared them to indigenes of other communities; some of whom then chose to relocate to Ebudin and were allowed to settle there too. Such other migrants were allowed to settle in the quarters now known as: Ohoghe, Iguizi, Arua, Ididigba and Obhiagor.

Given the humble and liberal nature of Pa. Oboh the Great, he gave full rights of citizenship also to all other immigrants as those of his sons. He however ensured that basic rights to his own family entitlements were not abdicated to other immigrants. He made sure his true children were given due recognition in all general gathering of the entire community.

This site was created in memory of our late mother- Madam Victoria Ejalenrie Isele, who transited to Glory on 9th March, 2013. She was the wife to the current Odionwele of Ebudin- Pa. Augustin Aimuomonfia Isele. She will forever be remembered for her deep love for the people of Ebudin.

We shall endeavour to make this site very educative, informative and interactive.

Thank you for visiting this site and we do welcome feedback.

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