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Pa. Okhuakhua ascended the throne of Odionwele of Ebudin in 1959 after the demise of Pa. Ize. Pa. Okhuakhua was a great farmer and a hunter. He was very popular amongst his people and had immense love for the welfare of the Ebudin people.


He was a dynamic ruler whose self-determination for the welfare of his people was very endearing and commands respect of his people. He maintained the dignity that was befitting of an Odionwele which informed his overly celebrated coronation to the exulted office of the Odionwele of Ebudin.

Pa. Okhuakhua was typical traditionalist who ensured the annual celebration of the ‘Obono-Ughele’ by mass procession to his shrine with fun fair and jubilation. He encourage with known super natural powers to overtly demonstrate them to the admiration and amazement of the entire populace. Being also the most senior man in Odogbe in his time, he was the chief Priest for the celebration of the Obono-Ughele which he ensured was well celebrated annually.

In keeping with the tradition of the Ebudin people, he made sure that the annual ‘New yam Festival’ known as ‘Ihuenlen’ was regularly observed and celebrated.

Like his predecessors, he organized the different age groups as founded by his predecessors for easy and effective execution of manual project towards the development of Ebudin. He kept the entire infrastructural facilities in Ebudin in well maintained conditions. The success of Pa. Okhuakhua was attributed to his strong capacity to delegate his authority. He easy allows his lieutenant- Mr. Imonitie Asuata who was seen as his right-hand man that advises Pa. Okhuakhua on what to do on several issues.

During his time, due recognition was given to other crowned chiefs in Ebudin’ Such Chiefs were:
•    The Oniha
•    The Osuma
•    The Ezomo
•    The Obobafo

Pa. Okhuakhua died in 1964.

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