Past Odionweles
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Pa. Omongbeleghan Adaghe ascended the throne, as the Odionwele of Ebudin in 1968, after the death of his immediate predecessor Pa. Erewele Omoinogbe.  He was a very peaceful elder and a great farmer.  

History has it that, even as the Odionwele, Pa. Omogbeleghan still engaged in farm works to demonstrate to all his subjects that age is no barrier to successful farming. 

He re-organized Ebudin to ensure that peaceful co-existence of the Ebudin people was re-achieved, after the fatal disorganization and distortions caused by the NCNC and AG crisis during the reign of Pa. Erewele. He encouraged all Ebudin people who ran away from Ebudin as a result of the political crisis to return back home to have a peaceful living in Ebudin.

Odionwele Pa. Omongbeleghan encouraged the various quarters in Ebudin to engage in one form of dance group or another in Ebudin. He organized the Igbabonelimin dance group for the Ididigba quarter where he hailed from.

 He died in 1973.

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