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Odionwele Pa. Uduehi

Odionwele Uduehi hailed from Odogbe quarters in Ebudin, the quarter of the first son of the founder of Ebudin.


 He was a very dynamic leader who ensured that the unity of Ebudin was consolidated. Not much has been told of the social economic activities of Odionwele Pa. Uduehi. 

It is however on record that Pa. Uduehi ensured the regular maintenance of the stream where drinking water was fetched by the entire Ebudin people. This stream was called ‘River Emonkha’ and it is located in Idimu-Ohoghe quarters on your way to the neighbouring community of Izogen. The water coming from this stream flows from the rocks within a very thick forest. To access this clean water, people will usually navigate through a very rocky and hilly path. People needed to be very careful while climbing the hills in order to reach the point where the water could be fetched. River Emonkha provided good source of very clean and drinkable water for the entire community till recently when, as a result of improved technology, people were now able to dig water wells and own boreholes.

Given that this river provided clean and drinkable water for the people of Ebudin, Odionwele Pa. Uduehi made sure the road leading to the river was well-maintained.


Pa. Uduehi was loved by his people.


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