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Pa. Ehiakhamhen Okogun hailed from Ididigba quarters of Ebudin and ascended the throne in 2005 after the demise of Pa. Osobaye Stephen Isele. He was a farmer too.

Odionwele Pa. Ehiakhamhen’s reign as the Odionwele of Ebudin was marked with a major paradigm shift in the relationship between Ebudin and the Onogie of Ugbegun. Following the persistent high-handedness of the Onojie of Ugbegun (HRH Iwono Obade 11) on the Ebudin people, it was decided in Ebudin that the existing allegiance to the Onojie of Ugbegun be withdrawn. This was a collective decision by the Ebudin people during the reign of Pa. Ehiakhamhen. This matter was taken to the office of the government of Edo State, who decided, after a meeting with all stake holders (selected elders of Ebudin, the Onojie of Ugbegun along with some of his chiefs, the Deputy Governor of Edo State then (Chief Mike Oghiadomhen) and some other government functionaries and the Edo State Permanent Secretary of the ministry of local government and chieftaincy affairs) to set up a Commission of Enquiry to resolve the feud between the Ebudin people and the Onojie of Ugbegun.

It is recorded that this commission, after due meetings with all stake holders came up with a white paper on their findings. This white paper directed both aggrieved parties to carry out some activities so as to settle the matter once and for all. It must be mentioned here too that the Ebudin people obediently carried out the directives of government as entrenched in the white paper. It is on record that till date, the Onojie of Ugbegun has refused or neglected to carryout the government directives as stated in the white paper. This has then put paid to the withdrawal of allegiance to the Onojie of Ugbegun by the Ebudin people.

One would quickly recall here that when Pa. Ehiakhamhen was to ascend the throne as Odionwele of Ebudin, he had gone to the Palace of the Onojie of Ugbegun for the installation. This did not go down well with the generality of the Ebudin people who then refused to accept Pa. Ehiakhamhen as their crowned Odionwele of Ebudin. Pa. Ehiakhamhen had to jettison the installation done at the palace of the Onojie of Ugbegun and carried out the installation ceremony as done by his predecessors in Ebudin. He was then after accepted as Odionwele by the Ebudin people.

As fallout of the seeming feud between the Onojie of Ugbegun and the Ebudin people, prominent sons of Ebudin, both at home and in Diaspora, got together under the name of ‘Ebudin Forum’, under the Presidency of Sir Austin Omofoman and Sir Isele Paschal as General secretary, to find better ways to improve the well-being of the Ebudin people and ensure development of the town. Ebudin forum was therefore formed to compliment the efforts of the existing Ebudin Community Development Association (ECDA) and act as the highest authority on developmental issues. Hence the Ebudin Forum came up as a child of necessity.

One other remarkable event that happened during the tenor of Pa. Ehiakhamhen as the Odionwele is the election of an Ebudin son (Hon Sunday Ebosele Ereghan) into the Edo State House of assembly, the very first in the community.

Odionwele Pa. Ehiakhamhen died in 2008

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