Past Odionweles
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Pa. Akhilomhen Abidu ascended the throne in 1991 and reigned for just a year. He hailed from Idimu-Oghale. Remarkably, Pa. Akhilomhen was a man of very few words. He hardly could speak a word as he had natural difficulty in speaking. However, he was loved by all his people who were endeared to him more as a result of his seeming incapacitation. His first son, Mr. Cletus Akhilomhen, in most cases stood in for him in most meetings.

The very first attempt at the electrification of Ebudin, by sons and daughters based in Lagos, under the leadership of Mr. Osobaye Christopher, was made during the reign of Pa. Akhilomhen Abidu. Some numbers of the electrification poles were purchased and delivered to Ebudin. The project could not materialize due to lack of government support.


Pa. Akhilomhen Abidu is noted as the Odionwele of Ebudin who abrogated the serving of the ‘Iyantor shrine’ usually served by the people of Idimu-Oghale since he hailed from there. He did not like the serving of idols and so did not permit the serving of any idol in Ebudin during his rather short reign.

He died in 1992

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