Past Odionweles
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Odionwele Pa. Abidu Eseigbe hailed from Idimu-Oghale, where the third and youngest son of Pa. Oboh- the founder of Ebudin lived.He was an acknowledged farmer who ensured the farming of cash-crops such as Cocoa and groundnuts were cultivated in Ebudin. 

He showed, not only his siblings but indeed the entire Ebudin community, how to get the best out of their farming efforts and also taught them the acts of planting cash crops, which endeared him to all his subjects.

Pa. Abidu was a man of few words. He was noted for his strict administrative prowess which enhanced his quest for discipline amongst the citizenry. He established and agreed on various punishments to be meted on the offenders depending on the type and nature of the offences committed. The heavier the offence committed, the bigger the imposed fines. He pre-established the offences and the applicable fines to check the rising cases of stealing, fighting and disrespect in Ebudin then.

As the Christian religion was creeping into most parts of Esan Land, one of his subjects, Mr. Patrick Oboh Anofen first introduced the catholic religion into Ebudin in 1928, as a young man who had travelled beyond the shores of Ebudin in search of greener pastures. Pa. Abidu Eseigbe permitted free worship of any religion during his reign as Odionwele of Ebudin, even though he was a traditionalist.

Odionwele Pa. Abidu Eseigbe died in 1938.


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