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 Burial Ceremony of Madam Victoria Ejalenrie Isele

 Harvest Celebration at St. Patrick Catholic Church, Ebudin

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The people of Ebudin are predominantly Farmers and Traders. Their farming activities covers all aspect of farm produce such as Yams, Cassava, Cocoa Yam, Maize, Melon, Rice and Plantain. The Ebudin people do not only engage in staple food production, but also in cash crops such as Cocoa and other palm products such as Palm oil, Palm Kernel, and palm wine.

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Ebudin Community Elders' Council meeting Venue called "Oko-ughele"

 Most communal decisions are usually taken at this venue by the Elders of Ebudin Community. They meet here to carry out such activities as:

1. Installation of Odionweles

2. Official acceptance of burial rites for qualified burial ceremonies

3. Installation of qualified indigenes that are carrying out their "Iruen Ceremony". This entitles them to join the Elders' Council.

4. Reception of dignitaries visiting the town

The 'Oko-Ughele" is in fact the administrative headquarters of Ebudin Community.


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The Igbabonelimi, as a type of masquerade, in Ishan,  is a form of social dance mainly organised by the Esan people of Edo State. It is one of the most popular dances in the region. It involves graceful movements, somersaults, and a lot of flips, exciting jumps and kicks all to the tune of the beating of the drums and instruments.

It is majorly an all men’s affair, and women are usually forbidden from wearing the mask nor are they to venture within the dance circle when the dance is going on; and like most dances in Africa traditional cultures, the Igbabonelimwin dances are derived from the social and religious traditions of the Esan people.

It is really an interesting dance to behold. No other ethnic groups in the world has been able to replicate this form of dance till date. It is the exclusive preserve of the Esan people of Edo State.

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