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ODIONWELE PA. AUGUSTINE AIMUONMONFIA ISELE (present Odionwele of Ebudin Community)

My Message to Our Ebudin Community


My Dear People of Ebudin,

Greetings to you all. I want to first of all thank all those behind this great innovation, of having a website created for our dear community. It is quite a laudable project and I thank all those behind the website. If not the opportunity of this Website, there is no other way to reach you all at the same time without going through a media house.

I have promised that I will continue to communicate with all Ebudin sons and daughters as often as I can and use the opportunity created by the website to update you all regularly. I will also endeavour to give update on the happenings in Ebudin. I will therefore implore you all to always visit this site for proper information and update about your beautiful and peaceful community.

I wish you all successes in all your endeavour. God’s favour shall be with you all. Amen!

Your Odionwele

Pa. A. A. Isele

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  • This is just too good to behold. Our Community has by this single fit become a leading community in Esan Land. We truly have been held on for too long. Oh thanks for education.

    We join our indefatigable and highly respected Odionwele to thank those behind this beautiful website and pray God to continue to provide for them. We will surely make good use of this opportunity to project the image of our community.

    Long live our Odionwele Pa Isele, Long live Ebudin people.

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