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ODIONWELE PA. AUGUSTINE AIMUONMONFIA ISELE (present Odionwele of Ebudin Community)

My Message to Our Ebudin Community

Greetings to all Ebudin People!


Greetings to all Ebudin People!

I want to use this opportunity to thank God, the Almighty, for spearing our lives to see the new month of June 2013. It is the mid-month in the year 2013. We all need to be thankful to God for, without him, we just cannot do anything.


I want to report that the work on the road construction is still on-going and the work is progressing. We observed recently that the rains have greatly contributed to the seeming slow pace at which the construction work is going. We have therefore decided that we ask the so called “Rain makers” to help control the rainfall, if it’s possible with them. But, I have being praying to God to help control the rain so that the road construction can progress faster. In the last few days, the rains have subsided and the work has progressed very well. It is, observably, a good work that the contractors are doing. I want to use this medium to thank all our youths and the generality of our Ebudin people, for the love they have shown the construction workers. I plead with you all to continue to support them and show love to all of them. It is our latent responsibility to protect all their equipments wherever they are kept. We all need this road project to be completed, as it will help improve our economic well-being and move Ebudin to the next level.


I also want to report here that the electricity contractors have delivered some electricity cables, which I understand, will be used for the low-tension wiring of our Ebudin community. This is a welcome development. The contractors have told some of our sons, who are in contact with him that the work will be completed soon. I therefore urge you all to continue in prayers for the early completion of this electrification project for Ebudin. I sincerely look forward to that day when this electrification of Ebudin will be completed and the lights switched on. We shall all celebrate it.



As we step into the month of June 2013, I pray that we all shall see beyond this month with good health and progress in all our individual endeavours.

I pray that this month of June bring you all God’s peace that is ever lasting.

I pray that the evil ones will never obstruct the flow of God’s favour in our lives.

I pray also that Our Almighty God, who have allowed us to see this month of June, will continue to bless, guard, protect and lead us to see the end of the year and beyond, in Jesus name!! Amen!!!!!.


Stay blessed my people. God is with us all.


Your Odionwele



Pa. A.A. Isele

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  • This is so informative and inspirational. Thank you Dad for been there. I wish you long life and strenght to carry on your task of administering the people of Ebudin. May God bless you and guide you always. May he give you the needed wisdom to carry on your tasks.

    God bless you Daddy!

  • Guest (Engr. Kenneth Omongbeleghan)

    This is a laudable innovation which with time will bring all and sundry of Ebudin to limelight.
    I am ready to support the success of this idea which will in distant time, expose Ebudin community to the entire world.

    Bravo and remain blessed. Engr. Kenneth Oseghale Omongbeleghan.

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