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Some Notable Odionweles (Rulers) Of Ebudin

Ebudin, since her foundation by Pa. Oboh, has been ruled by very great men who have ensured the development and peaceful co-existence of all the indigenes of Ebudin. Though not much can be said about those who became Odionwele after the exit of Pa. Oboh, it can be said that almost all the Odionweles that ruled Ebudin after Pa. Oboh made remarkable efforts aimed at uniting the people of Ebudin which has been carried on till date by successive rulers of Ebudin. Each Odionwele has had some major contributions to the well-being of the people of Ebudin.

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Odionwele Ize ascended the throne of the Odionwele of Ebudin in the year 1938 after the death of his predecessor, Pa Abidu and ruled Ebudin for so 21 years. He hailed from Idimu-Ohoghe village in Ebudin.

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Pa. Ikhine Oge, fondly called ‘Abuya’, was enthroned the Odionwele of Ebudin after the demise of Pa. Akhilomhen. He hailed from Idimu-Oghale, the home quarter of the third son of the founder of Ebudin called Oghale.

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Odionwele Pa. Abidu Eseigbe hailed from Idimu-Oghale, where the third and youngest son of Pa. Oboh- the founder of Ebudin lived.He was an acknowledged farmer who ensured the farming of cash-crops such as Cocoa and groundnuts were cultivated in Ebudin. 

He showed, not only his siblings but indeed the entire Ebudin community, how to get the best out of their farming efforts and also taught them the acts of planting cash crops, which endeared him to all his subjects.

Pa. Abidu was a man of few words. He was noted for his strict administrative prowess which enhanced his quest for discipline amongst the citizenry. He established and agreed on various punishments to be meted on the offenders depending on the type and nature of the offences committed. The heavier the offence committed, the bigger the imposed fines. He pre-established the offences and the applicable fines to check the rising cases of stealing, fighting and disrespect in Ebudin then.

As the Christian religion was creeping into most parts of Esan Land, one of his subjects, Mr. Patrick Oboh Anofen first introduced the catholic religion into Ebudin in 1928, as a young man who had travelled beyond the shores of Ebudin in search of greener pastures. Pa. Abidu Eseigbe permitted free worship of any religion during his reign as Odionwele of Ebudin, even though he was a traditionalist.

Odionwele Pa. Abidu Eseigbe died in 1938.


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Odionwele Pa. Osobaye stephen isele

Odionwele Pa. Osobaye stephen isele

Pa. Osobaye Isele ascended the throne of the Odionwele of Ebudin in 1998 after the death of his immediate predecessor, Pa. Abuede. Both were relations and in fact were first cousins. Pa. Osobaye was one of the foremost Christians in Ebudin and also abhorred the worship of idles and man made gods in any form.

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Pa. Abuede Imafidon was one of the early people to embrace Christianity in Ebudin and hailed from Idimu-Oghale also. Given his Christian background, he abhorred the worship of any form of idles and man-made gods in line with his Christian belief and did not encourage this amongst the people of Ebudin.

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Odionwele Pa. Uduehi

Odionwele Uduehi hailed from Odogbe quarters in Ebudin, the quarter of the first son of the founder of Ebudin.

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Pa. Akhilomhen Abidu ascended the throne in 1991 and reigned for just a year. He hailed from Idimu-Oghale. Remarkably, Pa. Akhilomhen was a man of very few words. He hardly could speak a word as he had natural difficulty in speaking. However, he was loved by all his people who were endeared to him more as a result of his seeming incapacitation. His first son, Mr. Cletus Akhilomhen, in most cases stood in for him in most meetings.

The very first attempt at the electrification of Ebudin, by sons and daughters based in Lagos, under the leadership of Mr. Osobaye Christopher, was made during the reign of Pa. Akhilomhen Abidu. Some numbers of the electrification poles were purchased and delivered to Ebudin. The project could not materialize due to lack of government support.

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Pa. Omongbeleghan Adaghe ascended the throne, as the Odionwele of Ebudin in 1968, after the death of his immediate predecessor Pa. Erewele Omoinogbe.  He was a very peaceful elder and a great farmer.  

History has it that, even as the Odionwele, Pa. Omogbeleghan still engaged in farm works to demonstrate to all his subjects that age is no barrier to successful farming. 

He re-organized Ebudin to ensure that peaceful co-existence of the Ebudin people was re-achieved, after the fatal disorganization and distortions caused by the NCNC and AG crisis during the reign of Pa. Erewele. He encouraged all Ebudin people who ran away from Ebudin as a result of the political crisis to return back home to have a peaceful living in Ebudin.

Odionwele Pa. Omongbeleghan encouraged the various quarters in Ebudin to engage in one form of dance group or another in Ebudin. He organized the Igbabonelimin dance group for the Ididigba quarter where he hailed from.

 He died in 1973.

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Pa. Ehiakhamhen Okogun hailed from Ididigba quarters of Ebudin and ascended the throne in 2005 after the demise of Pa. Osobaye Stephen Isele. He was a farmer too.

Odionwele Pa. Ehiakhamhen’s reign as the Odionwele of Ebudin was marked with a major paradigm shift in the relationship between Ebudin and the Onogie of Ugbegun. Following the persistent high-handedness of the Onojie of Ugbegun (HRH Iwono Obade 11) on the Ebudin people, it was decided in Ebudin that the existing allegiance to the Onojie of Ugbegun be withdrawn. This was a collective decision by the Ebudin people during the reign of Pa. Ehiakhamhen. This matter was taken to the office of the government of Edo State, who decided, after a meeting with all stake holders (selected elders of Ebudin, the Onojie of Ugbegun along with some of his chiefs, the Deputy Governor of Edo State then (Chief Mike Oghiadomhen) and some other government functionaries and the Edo State Permanent Secretary of the ministry of local government and chieftaincy affairs) to set up a Commission of Enquiry to resolve the feud between the Ebudin people and the Onojie of Ugbegun.

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Pa. Oboh Patrick Anofen (fondly called Oboh-ni-Patrick) hailed from Ididigba quarter of Ebudin and ascended the throne after the death of Pa. Omongbeleghan in 1973.

Pa. Patrick Oboh was the founder of the only Catholic Church and the first primary school in Ebudin, founded in 1928, and they were therefore named consequently named after his name as ‘St.  Catholic Church and St. Patrick Primary School, Ebudin’. He was one of the first notable Ebudin persons to have embraced the Europeans and their religion when they came to Ebudin. His long desire to change the traditional way of worship by the people of Ebudin soon came to a reality when he came to the throne. He made Christianity the centre of his administration and ensured that a number of people were converted to Christianity.

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