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Odionwele Pa. Augustine Aimuomofia Isele, fondly called Pa. A. A. Isele, ascended the exalted throne of the Odionwele of Ebudin in 2009, after the death of his immediate predecessor Pa. Ehiakhamen Okogun. He is the very first educated person in Ebudin community and indeed the very first schooled and educated Odionwele of Ebudin. 

Odionwele Pa. Augustine Isele retired from the Edo State Teaching Services in 1984 as a school Head Master, after working for 42 years teaching in most schools all around Esan land. He was the very first teacher/Head master in the first Primary School in Ewohimi. The school was actually named after his name as the first teacher of the School.  Pa Augustine Isele also taught in several primary schools in Igueben, Ugbegun, Ebele, Ewuato, Ubiaja, Ujiogba, and other towns and villages all around Ebudin and in Esan Land.

Before discussing the details of the achievements and event of this great Odionwele of Ebudin, it will be proper to talk a little about the personal Curriculum Vitae of Pa. A. A. Isele. It is on record that he attended the famous Holy Cross Cathedral Primary School, Benin City, where he obtained his First School Leaving School Certificate (FSLC) in 1942. Unsatisfied with this level of academic attainment, Pa. Augustine Isele obtained his TC 11 Certificate in 1971, after so many years of teaching experience. With this further academic attainment, it was easy for him to be promoted to the position of Head Master grade 2, the grade he retired from in the Edo State Teaching Service in 1984, as the Head Master of the St. Patrick’s Primary School, Ebudin.

Odionwele Pa. Augustine Aimuomofia Isele, while recalling his struggles in life, informed the author that he served his master, one Chief Osadolor Okundiaye, for six years in Benin, while pursuing his education before returning home to Ebudin to take up the teaching job in the then Mid-West Teaching Service Commission. 

Upon gaining employment in the Mid-West Teaching Service Commission on his return from schooling in Benin, part of his task was to get as many indigenes of Ebudin into school, to acquire educational knowledge. This was however resisted by some parents who felt that education will prevent their children from helping them in their farm works. He was severally afflicted by some strange ailments, remotely inflicted on him by some unwilling parents who did not want their children to be taken to school. This however did not deter him from taking some of the youths in Ebudin then to school. This aptly explains why the wide gap between his generation of educated people and the next set of educated people in Ebudin. That is also why the first set of professionals, of Ebudin extraction, are much younger people than Pa. Augustine Aimuomofia Isele who indeed is always very happy when he sees the large number of people now educated in Ebudin. He gives glory to God Almighty for it.

Odionwele Pa. Augustine A. Isele is a very devout Christian and he is one of the early persons to embrace Christianity in Ebudin. His first contact with the missionaries was in Benin City, where he had his early education. He is baptized, confirmed and married in the Catholic Church and he has ensured that all his Children also embrace the catholic faith; even though he believed in the freedom of worship for everybody.

It must be mentioned here that Odionwele Pa. Augustine A. Isele and his wife Madam Victoria Ejalenrie Isele (Nee Imaralu) were awarded a “Certificate of Recognition”, by the then Arch Bishop of the metropolitan sea of Benin, Arch Bishop Patrick Ebosele Ekpu, for being the third oldest couple in his diocese and for living an exemplary happy married life for 52 years as at year 2000. Madam Victoria got married to Pa Augustine A. Isele on 30th July, 1948 and lived with her husband for 65years till death did them part on that fateful day of 9th March, 2013.


Since Odionwele Pa. Augustine A. Isele ascended the throne as the Odionwele of Ebudin there has been an unleashing of development in Ebudin Community which has been ascribed to his very humane, educated, and Christianly dispositions. Some of the events and infrastructure development that have taken place in Ebudin during the on-going reign of Odionwele Pa. Isele can be mentioned here as follows: 

Extension of Generalized System of Mobile (GSM) networks to Ebudin:

The first major thing that have happened during the on-going reign of Pa. Augustin A. Isele is the installation of a Globacom Mast at Ebudin, sponsored by Hon. Sunny Ereghan, from Idimu-Ohoghe and Mr. Fabian Okhigbochie from Idimu-Oghale, who provided his premises for the location of the Globacom Mast. 


Additionally, Mr. Stephen Omodiagbe also worked for the installation of the Etisalat network in Ebudin. He too provided his premises, at Odogbe quarter for the location of the Etisalat mast. 

The installation of the two Masts has greatly enhanced the reception of GSM signals in Ebudin. Some indigenes of Ebudin have also been given employment in the two base stations located at Ebudin.


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