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ODIONWELE PA. AUGUSTINE AIMUONMONFIA ISELE (present Odionwele of Ebudin Community)

My Message to Our Ebudin Community


My Dear People of Ebudin,

I want to wish you all a very happy new year 2014. I have not been able to do this 'message to my people' for some months now due to some challenges and I say it was not deliberate. All the same, I thank God for this update.

It is good news all the way now for our dear community-Ebudin. As I write this message, my mind is full of joy and thanksgiving as our dear community is now fully electrified; a utility we have clamour for over the years. Most houses in Ebudin today, if not all, have been connected to the national grid.

Secondly, the Igueben-Ebudin road is now being tared and they are already putting stones preparatory to put asphalting. It's really good to behold. We owe all these to God Almighty and the steadfastness of some of our well-meanings sons.

Thirdly, the Health Center being constructed by our House of Representative member- Hon. Patrick Ikhariale is progressing well and we implore him to expedite actions on the project so that it will be ready before the end of this year. We will continue to pray for his continuous well-being so that he will continue to have capacity to complete the job. God will do for us.

Generally, my People, our dear Community has become a very lovely and beautiful place to live. You need to see the beauty of the town at night, when electricity is on. We can only thank God.


I am aware that our Ebudin Forum members have planned or are planning to institute what will be known as "Ebudin Day", a day we will set aside to celebrate together as sons and daughters of Ebudin annually. I really would love this to happen. Am told the day when all the on-going projects are completed and put to use will be an appropriate day for this celebration. That day will come and we all shall celebrate.

My request therefore is that when we are called upon by the organisers, let all sons and daughters of our dear Ebudin, come home for the celebration. It will be wonderful to behold. You may be called upon to contribute towards the celebration and I urge you to co-operate with them. People may be asked to organize one dance type or another; I urge you all to be prepared for the celebrations. It is worth celebrating.

My People, I want to wish you all the very best of the new year and beyond. God will continue to provide and protect us all in Jesus name, I pray. Amen!

Your Odionwele

Pa. Augustine A. Isele

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Greetings to all Ebudin People!


Greetings to all Ebudin People!

I want to use this opportunity to thank God, the Almighty, for spearing our lives to see the new month of June 2013. It is the mid-month in the year 2013. We all need to be thankful to God for, without him, we just cannot do anything.


I want to report that the work on the road construction is still on-going and the work is progressing. We observed recently that the rains have greatly contributed to the seeming slow pace at which the construction work is going. We have therefore decided that we ask the so called “Rain makers” to help control the rainfall, if it’s possible with them. But, I have being praying to God to help control the rain so that the road construction can progress faster. In the last few days, the rains have subsided and the work has progressed very well. It is, observably, a good work that the contractors are doing. I want to use this medium to thank all our youths and the generality of our Ebudin people, for the love they have shown the construction workers. I plead with you all to continue to support them and show love to all of them. It is our latent responsibility to protect all their equipments wherever they are kept. We all need this road project to be completed, as it will help improve our economic well-being and move Ebudin to the next level.

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My Dear People of Ebudin,

Greetings to you all. I want to first of all thank all those behind this great innovation, of having a website created for our dear community. It is quite a laudable project and I thank all those behind the website. If not the opportunity of this Website, there is no other way to reach you all at the same time without going through a media house.

I have promised that I will continue to communicate with all Ebudin sons and daughters as often as I can and use the opportunity created by the website to update you all regularly. I will also endeavour to give update on the happenings in Ebudin. I will therefore implore you all to always visit this site for proper information and update about your beautiful and peaceful community.

I wish you all successes in all your endeavour. God’s favour shall be with you all. Amen!

Your Odionwele

Pa. A. A. Isele

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